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Referral Procedure
Dec 29, 2020


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Referral and “Out-Of-Work List” Rules and Procedures

All registrants for employment may sign the appropriate Out of Work list as described in Article IV, Section 4.04 through 4.15 of the Waterloo Working Agreement, or Article IV, Section 4.04 through 4.15, of the Mason City Working Agreement and any Memorandums regarding referral. 

Sign – In / Resign:

1.1        Original sign–in must be in person during regular office business hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

1.2        Registrants must be unemployed and available for job calls, without any restrictions, at time of signing the      “Out-Of-Work List”. IBEW members must have a current dues receipt.

1.3        Registrants for employment must be able to show proof of termination from his/her last employer when requested.

1.4        Registrants shall re-sign their appropriate “Out-Of-Work List” each month between the 10th  and the 16th day of the month in order to remain on the “Out-Of-Work List”.  Any registrant that fails to re-sign in this time period, will be removed from the “Out-Of-Work” List.

1.5        A registrant may resign in person, via mail, fax or on our website.  All resigns must be received in the Local Union office within the resign time period in order to be accepted.  It is the registrant’s responsibility to insure that their re-sign is submitted on time and to verify their resign has been received.  The Local Union will not make phone calls to remind registrants to get their re-sign sent in.

1.6        All resigns must include registrant’s name, the month the resign is for and date making resign, which must be within the allotted resign time period.  

1.7        A registrant, who fails to resign according to the required procedures, will have their name removed from the "Out-Of-Work List" and must re-register in person at the bottom of the "Out-Of-Work-List".

1.8        A registrant on Local 288’s “Out-Of-Work List” shall notify Local 288 if they receive employment in another Local Union, which is more than a Short Call of Fourteen (14) calendar days.


1.9        IBEW Local Union 288 will routinely verify a registrant’s eligibility to remain on Local 288’s “Out-Of-Work List”. If a registrant is on Local 288’s “Out-Of-Work List” for a period of six (6) months or more, Local 288 will call the applicant’s Home Local to verify their employment status. If it is found that the registrant does not meet the criteria to remain on the Out-Of-Work List, their name will be removed from Local 288’s Out-Of-Work List immediately.

1.10      All placements of registrants in any organizing assignment shall be at the sole discretion of the Local 288 Business Manager.

1.11      By registering or resigning on “Out-Of-Work List” in IBEW Local 288, Registrants accept and agree to abide by the posted referral and “Out-Of-Work List” rules and procedures of Local 288.

Employer Responsibility:

2.1        All employer requests for manpower must be in writing and faxed to Local Union 288’s office.  Request must include employer’s business name, address and contact information.  Local 288 Fax number 319-233-4312.

2.2        Manpower requests shall state whether the call is for Long or Short Call duration, number of people requested, job information including place and time for applicant to report, and any special skills and ability requirements of the request.

Group 1 Status:

Once an applicant qualifies for, requests and is granted Group 1 status in any local union, he shall retain that status in the local union and shall not be required to re-qualify unless he qualifies for, requests and is granted Group 1 status in another local union.  If that situation occurs, the applicant would have to re-qualify for Group 1 status in any previous local union(s) in which he enjoyed Group 1 status.


3.1        Prior to receiving a referral call, all registrants for employment must be signed to his/her appropriate group, and upon registration have indicated he/she is available for work.

3.2        All calls for manpower will be offered to registrants, in chronological order, first from Group I, then Group II, then Group III, then Group IV. 

3.3        All calls for manpower received, will be posted on the Local's job line recorder to inform registrants of the request for manpower, prior to the call being filled.  The job line recorder phone number is 319-233-4312.

3.4        All calls for manpower will be filled beginning at 8:00 A.M. and continue until all jobs are filled, on the first business day following placement of the manpower call on the job line recorder.  The Business Manager is responsible to fill manpower calls in a timely manner as needed by the employers.  This means, in an emergency, referral may have to be made outside the normal hours using whatever means are available to fill the calls and place registrants.

3.5        Pending chronological order on the out of work list, when a registrant is interested in a call, he/she must leave their name and one phone number on the Local’s job line recorder where they can be reached or they may leave their name and phone number on the website using the Job Bid link.  Registrant must speak clearly (Local 288 is not responsible if message cannot be understood), and be available by telephone to verify acceptance of manpower call on the business day the call is being filled.  If a registrant does not answer the phone call, the referral agent will leave a message.  It will be considered an unfilled call and the referral agent will contact the next available person.  If the registrant calls back before the call is filled, he/she will be allowed to take the call.

3.6        If a manpower call is not filled by the recorder system, the referral agent shall use a call out system starting in chronological order on the out of work list and the turn down system will go into effect.  If a registrant turns down three (3) consecutive calls, he/she will roll to the bottom of the “Out-Of-Work List”.  If a registrant turns down six (6) consecutive calls, he/she will be removed from the “Out-Of-Work List” and must re-register in person at the bottom of the "Out-Of-Work-List".   Short Calls are exempted from this provision.

(a)        A turn down shall be defined as: A registrant refuses a job call or DOES NOT answer his/her phone when called.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

(b)        If an automatic answering device answers the registrant’s telephone, the Local Union will leave a message advising of the call for manpower.  It will be considered a turn down if the applicant does not return a call to the Local Union and accept the call, before the call has been filled.

3.7        Any registrant, who accepts a call and does not report to the Local Union for a referral, shall be removed from the "Out-Of-Work-List" and must re-register in person at the bottom of the "Out-Of-Work-List".

3.8        A registrant who is hired for any job call, and who receives through no fault of his own, work of less than that established as a Long Call, shall be restored to his/her original place on the “Out-Of -Work List”.

3.9        A “Short Call” shall not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days, unless approved by the Business Manager.

3.10      A registrant accepting a short call shall not be eligible for any other calls for work while employed, and upon termination, his/her name shall be returned to his/her original place on the “Out-Of-Work List”.

3.11      A registrant may accept consecutive short calls only after the short calls have been offered to all other registrants on their appropriate “Out-Of-Work List”.

3.12      A registrant from Book 1 not working in their geographical area shall maintain their position by following the referral procedure requirements.

Appeals Committee:

            It shall be the function of the Appeals Committee to consider any complaint of any employee or applicant for employment arising out of the administration by the Local Union of Section 4.04 through 4.15 of the Agreements.  The Appeals Committee shall have the power to make a final and binding decision on any such complaint which shall be complied with by the Local Union.

An employee or applicant for employment wishing to file a complaint with the Appeals Committee must do so in writing.  The complainant must spell out the details of the complaint and sign and date it.  The complaint shall then be forwarded to IBEW Local 288 Appeals Committee at 1695 Burton Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa 50703.

IBEW Local 288-Referral Procedures-Revised April 9, 2019

IBEW Local 288
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